Christmas City Lights Sight-Seeing For Residents @Aspen Mews

Christmas Lights Sight-Seeing During This Festive Season

It’s that time of the year full of bright, colourful, gleaming lights through the festive season. There’s no other city that celebrates the festivities full of lights like London. Read on to for our take on the go-to hotspots to capture the best of Christmas lights within London.

For residents living within our Aspen Mews site, located within the London Suburb of Chigwell, you have the option to travel via public transport such as your local train station, which is Hainault station. This local train station operates on the central line which will lead to your hotspots within central London to observe the radiant Christmas lights.

Christmas at Kew
Our first hotspot to visit on the list of witnessing the luminous Christmas lights within London is Christmas at Kew. Discover the glimmering path filled with alluring immersive installations comprising of botanical-themed projections, trees covered in lights and the remarkable Palm House being lit up.

Covent Garden
Covent Garden’s Christmas lights reinvent themselves during the jovial season to it’s very own winter wonderland. Be in awe of the mistletoe chandeliers, the impressive Christmas tree, enormous nutcrackers and many sparkling Christmas lights enlightening the 19th century Piazza within Covent Garden. Also, if lucky, you can view the bouts of snow.

Mayfair & Belgravia
Stare into the spectacular view of the white lights perfectly placed around the boutique-filled area of Mayfair and Belgravia. As well as witnessing the appetising Gingerbread City on Motcomb street, you can also witness the extraordinary arch glistening South Molton Street.

Regent street
See the West End blazing with a seasonal shimmer on Regent Street. This street will have you looking up throughout the whole of Regent Street and its neighbouring streets.

Seven Dials’
Seven Dials’ is filled with secreted ornaments, peculiar boutiques and wide-ranging restaurants. This area has you witnessing the fitting of the flickering white twigs with pink and silver baubles intertwined surrounding the iconic roundabout.

Leicester Square
Leicester Square, the city of stars, the joyous place where you can take in the jubilant atmosphere and to keep yourself cosy, you can go into their infamous cinemas and watch a movie with your significant other. A thrilling way to get into the festive spirit.

Oxford Circus & Bond Street
Oxford Circus has one of the most remarkable Christmas lights in London and the festive window displays as you go past shop to shop. This street also neighbours Bond Street which continues the stream full of blinding lights. Bond Street is infamous for its most deluxe shopping spree within the city. The admiration continues with all of the majestic decorations and the displays presented in the premium festive spirit. These two are also found on the central line which will be an easy commute from your journey there and back to your warm, cosy home in Aspen Mews.


King’s Cross & Coal Drops Yard
Last but not least, we also suggest you have a look at King’s Cross and Coal Drops Yard as they infuse city of London full of alluring Christmas lights. Discover their twist on a traditional Christmas tree and the dazzling bulbs that sparkle above the Christmas Market.

The final hot spot – Home
Once the adventure of witnessing the dazzling lights have come to an end, head back home to Aspen Mews. As soon as you enter the warm and cosy aroma surrounding your home, to the underfloor heating keeping your senses intact every step you take and having the access to the digital thermostats in each room, you’ll want to stay in your home from your long journey of vibrant lights. Your hot water system inviting you to draw a hot bubble bath while you enjoy a cool glass of white wine. Exploring to see the holiday lights is a fun and festive treat in which residents at Aspen Mews will surely take genuine pleasure and coming back to your luxury living space is the perfectly sweet cherry on top.


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